Read what their sayin'


Loyalty & Trust!


"Rob Nagele, of Handy Gentleman, has been our go-to man for the last few years.  We own a condo in Clearwater however, we live 1.5 hours away and do not possess the tools or ability to trouble shoot and make repairs. So, we needed someone we could trust and rely  upon for repairs, installations and provide spur of the moment help.  The property manager recommended Rob Nagele. Rob is a consummate gentleman.  He has the utmost integrity, honesty, skill and knowledge. He takes the time to assess a situation, come up with a solution, communicate the need to us, and then finish the work in a timely manner.  If the problem is beyond his scope of knowledge, he readily admits it and recommends someone that does have the expertise.  Rob has rescued our tenants on weekends and is available immediately.  We have never found someone with all these attributes and wholeheartedly recommend Rob Nagele for any need for your home."

~ Denise and Tom DiGeronimo


You're in great hands!

"Robin is an excellent Craftsman and jack of all trades. He has helped us with projects big and small, from electrical and plumbing to glass sliding door installations for both bathrooms. He is always quick to respond and gets the job done at a reasonable price." 

- Denise Katakis, Amberglen 


Because You matter!

"I am a property manager in Clearwater and have used Robin Nagele on many projects, as have many of our residents.  He is very professional and detailed oriented. He has experience in bathroom remodeling, drywall, screening and can also handle the bigger jobs.  I highly recommend him, so take a look at his portfolio!"

- Kathy Kirkland, Property Manager

"Hired Rob twice already. He cares about his work, and it shows! Love that he's a perfectionist!" 

- Susan Bangs, Lone Pine